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Portable Lightweight Abrasive Rail Saw

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Sold by: Wuhan Linkage Track Equipment Co,Ltd

Item Location: china

Dimensions Length: 850' Width: 500' Height 480' Weight: 22kg lbs
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Brand: Linkage
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Lead time : 2 weeks

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Item Description

NQG-5.8 Abrasive Rail Saw

NQG-5.8 lightweight abrasive rail saw is a railway maintenance tool. It not only cuts rails with high speed and high quality, but also has low wear cutting discs. It is locked by rail clamps. It has a simple structure, light weight, safety and easy movement. It is suitable for maintenance, repair of broken rails of seamless tracks, and cutting of steel rails in long rail welding factories.
Rail Cutting Machine
Stainless Steel
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)
Single-cylinder, air-cooling 
two-stroke petrol engine 
(imported from Sweden K1270R)5.8 kW  
Cutting disc form
Double- layer reinforced wire mesh
Linear speed of cutting disc
100 m/s
Rated RPM
≥4500 r/min
Specification of cutting disc
φ355xφ25.4 x3.8mm
Cutting accuracy
Vertical deviation of notch and rail≤0.30mm 
Deviation of bidirectional cutting interfaces≤0. 35mm
Cutting time
≤110s( cut off 60kg/m rail)
Fuel tank capacity
1.25 L

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