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DIN536 A45 Crane Rail Supplier

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GloryRail focuses on providing rail system solutions for stacker cranes. We can provide supporting rail materials and related accessories for rail systems, including rail clamps, steel base plates, rubber pads, chemical bolts, mortar, etc. . At the same time, if you have any problems with track installation, our technicians can provide technical support in related aspects.

DIN536 A45 Crane Rail Supplier

Glory Rail  is A45 crane rail suppplier , it can supply all kinds of steel rails, including light rail, heavy rail, crane rail, like DIN536 A45 crane rail, and other different standards and specifications.

A45 crane rail is mainly used in crane industry and port as crane rail. Glory Rail could also offer DIN536 standard rails, including A45 crane rail, A55 crane rail, A65 crane rail, A75 crane rail, A100 crane rail, A120 crane rail, A150 crane rail., etc.


Size: A45 crane rail

Length: 12m~25m or other length according to customers’ requirement

Material: 900A, 50Mn

Standard: DIN 536 P1:1991

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