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Magnet rail pointer thermometer

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Product Description

Rail temperature gauge is also known as rail temperature table, it's used to measure the temperature of rail, to prevent the rail temperature getting too high, so that the process of rail construction project can be operated.
RT rail temperature table is not only dedicated to measure the temperature of the railway rails, but also can measure the air temperature and the surface temperature of other objects.


1.Remove all the rust or dirt from rail surface, then fix the rail temperature meter on the surface of the rail.
2.The surface temperature of the steel rail can be read in 5 minutes.
3. The thermometer can be adsorbed on the rail waist, when continuous measurements are needed.
But do not take the readings when trains are passing through, because the large airflow produced by trains will cause a bigger deviation, the values read 3 minutes after trains passing through should be the actual temperature of rail surface

Main Technical Indicator

temperature measuring range

division value

accuracy level




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