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Lightweight Abrasive Rail Saw Railway Cutting Machine For Railroad Maintenance

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SKU#: NQG-5.8
Lightweight Abrasive Rail Saw Rail Cutting Machine
NQG-5.8 lightweight abrasive rail saw is a railway maintenance tool. It not only cuts rails with high speed and high quality, but also has low wear cutting discs. It is locked by rail clamps. It has a simple structure, light weight, safety and easy movement.
It is suitable for maintenance, repair of broken rails of seamless tracks, and cutting of steel rails in long rail welding factories.

● Adopt K 1270Rail single-cylinder air-cooled two-stroke petrol engine
imported from Sweden
● Rail cutting mechanism and rail clamp swing arm can be separated or assembled in short time
● The petrol engine drives the cutting disc to rotate through the belt to
complete the rail cutting function
● It can cut rails of 43~75kg/m rail on or under the line
● Anti-loose and fall off device is provided on the rail hook
Product Paramenters
Lightweight Abrasive Rail Saw Rail Cutting Machine
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)
Single-cylinder, air-cooling
two-stroke petrol engine
(imported from Sweden K1270R) 5.8 kW
Cutting disc form
Double- layer reinforced wire mesh
Linear speed of cutting disc
100 m/s
Rated RPM
≥4500 r/min
Specification of cutting disc
φ355*φ25.4 *3.8mm
Cutting accuracy
Vertical deviation of notch and rail≤0.30mm
Deviation of bidirectional cutting interfaces≤0. 35mm
Cutting time
≤110s( cut off 60kg/m rail)
Fuel tank capacity
1.25 L


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