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Digital track gauge

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The T type digital track gauge is mainly used to measuring the track gauge ,cant, check rail gauge , back to back distance flangeway clearance. The device is easy to operate ,and its measuring speed is very fast , which can be used either day or night .It is an ideal measurement tool for the railway engineers.


Main Technical Indicators

  • Scope of use :

56 ½ inch standard gauge railway ;

  • Technical data:



Measuring range




Track     gauge

54.49 -57.87


Check  rail  gauge

53.70 - 57.08


Back-to-back distance

52.92- 56.30


Flangeway clearance

0.79 - 4.20






  • Displayscreen:OLED;
  • Power voltage:4V~5.2V(rechargeable battery);
  • Working temperature range:-30℃~+55℃;
  • Insulation Performance:>1MΩ;
  • Length:<1600mm。

    Our digital track gauge is a high-precision railway inspection tool ,which developed according to the current railway situation of all weather, complex railway line , large temperature difference etc.,It is composed of electronic and mechanical parts, the electronic part is  integrated by microelectronic technology, single-chip technology, sensing technology, signal processing technology and other high-tech .This product has the following features:

    • 1Stable performanceand anti-electromagnetic interference: suitable for electrification, non-electrification, automatic block or other block section.
    • 2Fast measurement speed: When used, the measured data can be displayed without additional manual operation after the measuring point is confirmed.
    • 3High measuring accuracy: Precision transmission device with intelligent data processing system, it can be fast calibration. The built-in temperature compensation eliminates the material thermal expansion and cold contraction on the track gauge and super elevation measurement data, which improved the measurement accuracy.
    • 4Large OLED display: the new light-emitting OLED material is adopted. Even in strong sunlight, the measurements are still clear and intuitive. The characteristics of the instrument are particularly prominent when it is used at night or in tunnels.
    • 5Wide temperature range: -30℃ ~ +55℃ ,it can meet the temperature requirements in most areas.
    • 6 Quick calibration operation: simple measurement process
    • 7power saving function: no operation within 15 minutes, the system will automatically shut down.
    • 8Large capacity battery:long standby time  
    • 9Insulated design
    • 10Waterproof:could use in rainy day
    • 11 Approval by China Railway Test&Certificate center


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